I’m Ralph O’Hara.

I was born & educated in New Zealand – the adventure capital of the world – & I now live in the thriving metropolis we call Auckland.

After years of professional practice as a Chartered Accountant, Business Consultant and Insolvency Specialist my life took a U-turn when I realised that time was marching on, I wasn’t getting any younger and there was so much more that I wanted to see and do. My ‘bucket list’ was still waiting for action.

So I joined an adventure club, Thumbs Up Adventure Club, and for the next 3 years I did nearly every type of adventure there was to do here in New Zealand. Believe me, there are plenty – you can explore some at my adventure website, AdventureNZ.

But having proven I was a ‘man’, in my eyes at least, I soon discovered that something was missing. Yes, I loved the adventure and the freedom but where was the satisfaction and the fulfillment.

This led me to a new adventure, a journey of personal discovery. I did online personality tests, attended courses & seminars, read books, meditated, adventured and just about everything else that I could do to ‘discover’ myself. And I pretty well know everything there is to know on the topic of ‘Ralph’ now.

But yet again, I soon came to realise that knowing who I am, was not enough. I now knew what motivated me, what excited me, what satisfied me and what fulfilled me. I even knew in great detail what I didn’t want as that was precisely where all this searching had led me – to a life that I didn’t want.

So I reinvented my life – just like that. I’m going to teach you how to do that too, if you’ll let me.

In this website I’ll be adding tools to change your life, from personal development tools to personal financial tools, to business building tools and even more. I’ll bring you everything I’ve discovered to change my life for the better and anything new I discover along the way.

I’m not one to ‘reinvent the wheel’, most of what you will find is being provided by others but in every case you can know that I tried and used these tools in my life and I can recommend them without reservation.