I think so.  He’s shown no remorse, in fact, he still thinks he was provoked.  No amount of provocation can justify the extent to which Clayton mutilated Sophie.  This was not an act of self defense.  It was pre-meditated murder at the very least.  He intended to do it.  Where did the knife come from?  He took it with him. Why? It’s not hard to figure that out, is it?

His act was intentional.  He didn’t just want to kill her.  He could have done that easily and quickly.  He didn’t.  He continued in a rage, stabbing her 216 times.  What does that tell you?  He wanted to obliterate her from his mind entirely and the only way he knew how was to mutilate her body beyond recognition.  It tells me he is a psychopath.

He’s another Hannibal Lecter waiting for his opportunity to do it again.  And now he has a whole pool of victims in his sights.  What do you think he’s doing in prison? It won’t be macrame, that’s for sure. But be careful if he takes up scrapbooking.

He craves attention, he loves the publicity.  I bet he watches the news at night to see what people are saying about him now.

No amount of therapy, one-on-one counselling, shock treatment, drugs, EFT, neural path reprogramming, vegetarian diets, castration or any other sort of treatment short of a lobotomy will make him remorseful.

Clayton is a smouldering time bomb.  I’m sorry that my prediction is so dire, but be warned, people of NZ, he is already planning his comeback.  No he won’t try to escape prison.  He’ll probably be the perfect inmate.  And those do-gooders on the parole board will be persuaded soon enough and he’ll be out there again.  Eighteen years is nothing for Clayton.  To him it will just mean he has more time to plan.

I’ve met men like him.  They are manipulative and possessive and no amount of logic will change their minds. They have to control people and women are usually their targets because generally they are weaker.  Often they have ties to them which make it difficult to escape.  Ties like children and assets and relationships.  These ties bind people and keep them ‘bound’ even when they are apart.

A typical example is a woman in an abusive relationship where there are also children to the relationship.  Even if she escapes  from that relationship there remains the tie of the children binding the relationship together.  They become another tool for the abuser to continue, often leveraging the ties with the children to increase the abuse.

I have no sympathy for these men. They need to be locked up and the key thrown away.  As I’ve said above, no therapy can help them because they cannot reognise their destructive pattern of behaviour and so they will not take responsibility for changing it.  It’s always the other person’s fault.

So here’s my prediction.  If Clayton survives prison – some reports suggest he will be abused – he will do it again.