Is it really possible for the average Joe Bloggs to make money online?  I’ve looked at many systems over the years and, sad to admit, have spent alot on systems that just don’t measure up to their promise(s).

I’ve been sucked in so many times by promises of ‘easy’ systems to make money or personal growth courses that will ‘turn my life around’ that I’ve lost count.  Some of these did make it clear that I needed to play my part in the process and stick with it and I must admit I didn’t always fulfill my side of the bargain.  But to be fair to me, how long do you have to wait to see some result?  I think I did give them all a reasonable chance to show at least some movement towards a result but in the end they just didn’t deliver anything worthwhile.

So I am sceptical of any promises I read on the net.  I’m even more sceptical of testimonials.  After all, who but an idiot would post a negative testimonial about their product or service.  So now, when i’m offered anything that looks promising I Google for a review.  it’s amazing what turns up.

Here’s a good example of a typical scam that arrived in my mailbox this morning.  It’s called 3 Hour Profits.  It promised that without even a website I could start earning money within 3 hours of downloading the course.  For a ‘very limited time’ it only costs US$20 and it’s “ranked no 1 in BBBReviews because it really works.”

I Googled for reviews.  The evidence was overwhelming.  That saved me $20 and at least 3 hours of my time.  The review explained exactly what I would be getting –  basically an ebook full of advice on what to do but nothing new, and there were problems with the owner not responding to emails and not paying out commissions.

So before you outlay any money on a ‘sure thing’ just Google it for reviews.  It’s time well spent & could even save you a small fortune.