Right now, I feel on top of the world.   My Blog is up and running at last.

Those of you who know anything about setting up WordPress blogs know it’s a piece of cake to install.  I’ve done it manually several times before and though it was time consumming then and required some major learning in the process it was possible even with my limited technical skills and almost no knowledge of PHP.

Now it’s even easier if you have access to Fantastico on your hosting panel, which many hosting providers include on the CPanel, or the simple click install that GoDaddy provides.  So naturally when I decided to move my domains from the NZ registrar where I originally set them up over to GoDaddy I thought it would be a day at the outside to complete the transfer and get my websites up and running.

Amazingly its taken almost a week and most of that time was spent waiting for my domain names to transfer.  I had decided to do the transfer because most of my domain names are dot coms and were coming up for renewal.  GoDaddy was offering a free one year renewal for transfers at a low transfer fee of about US$7 per transfer.  Compare that to the NZ renewal of $45 (about US$30) and 6 domain names to transfer and you can see why I was keen to transfer them.

There were other benefits too.  GoDaddy is packed with help pages, FAQ pages and forum questions and answers and if all that doesn’t answer your question then there is human support too.  I had already experienced it with several of my domain names and a hosting account registered at GoDaddy so I was already a convert.  But when I compare their service with the service of my previous provider there is just no comparison.

But I disgress.  Back to the transfer process.  Why, you may ask, does it take so long?  I did.  I even looked up the ICANN regulations, that’s the body that governs domain names worldwide and sets the rules for domain registries.  My past provider was applying a rule that I, or any of their clients, could not transfer any domain name where the renewal date was within 60 days.  I discovered this was contrary to the ICANN rules.  There is a 60 day rule but it only applies to new domain names registered for the first time within the last 60 days and to domain names that have been transferred within the last 60 days.  It does not apply to transfers within 60 days prior to the renewal date.

So if you are transferring domain names and experiencing hassles go and read the ICANN regulations here – http://www.icann.org/en/transfers/policy-en.htm

But wait, there’s more:-

I’m on top of the world for another reason too.  It’s the way I’ve structured my account at GoDaddy.  I have a Deluxe hosting package which allows me to setup many websites in the one hosting account.  It’s rather neat.  There is the top domain name which is associated with the account and then every new domain added to it is setup in a subfolder and the domain name points to that subfolder name.  You can even have subsub folders for subdomain names.

Website visitors only see the website not the backend structure so its a simple way to keep everything in one place.  What I did find confusing though was to have a hosting account with the name of one of my domain names which I no longer use and which I will not renew and then all my other domain names in the folder structure underneath.   It didn’t seem logical to me.  I’ve solved that, for me at least, by setting up the hosting account with my own name domain name at the top.  It’s a name I’ll never let go.  So again, I’m on top of the world – my world that is.

All this probably seems odd or maybe unnecessary to some or most of you but to me it works a treat.  Everything neat and simple and in its rightful place.  Even if no one else is impressed I know that when I’m dead and gone the executors of my estate will be thanking me for leaving everything so neat and tidy.  If you haven’t guessed by now, ill let you into one of my closely guarded secrets.  In a past life, about 20+ years ago, I was an accountant.  Now you understand, don’t you?

Be happy and happiness will find you.

Smile and the world smiles too

Smile and the world smiles too